Le persone sono l’anima del nostro progetto aziendale e la garanzia della nostra eccellenza.

The administration of
mywordrow is personally cared for by Gislaine Marins, a translator with more than a decade of experience
in international connections with global businesses in industrial and institutional contexts. From handbook,
to legal documents, including press reviews and publishing, she has developed a wide experience with
ambitious standards in terms of translation and interpretation.
Our translators are all native speaking experts, carefully selected from a series of application tests. Our
work philosophy is based on intense co-operation between the professionals which take part, to the
projects created; always maintaining a high sense of commitment to the customer. We do not consider
unskilled translators; the quality of our projects indicates an exceptional recognition of the translator’s
contribution, as per the attention to detail which we reserve for each and every project.

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Our Team

Meet the team who work with Mywordrow daily and endeavour to assist in understanding and creating
your individual projects.

Gislaine Marins

Founder & CEO

Interprets the customer’s needs, communicates clearly and in an effective way by conveying the objectives
to the team and following each step of the project to guarantee excellence in customer experience.

Andrea Vicini

Financial Director

Enables optimal project solutions for every budget and guarantees the economic life of the agency;
simultaneously maximising the talent and skills of our professionals.

Lavora con noi

Are you a professional with experience in translation services, including editing, writing and
Are you creative with an excellent academic and cultural background?
Do you want to be part of a project in which the results depend entirely on you?